Temple of Olympian Zeus

'41' Feature Film shoot 2012



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Hoplitikon Last Stand

Trouble on the Danube!



JANUARY      ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM 27th Saturday at Ringwood 

FEBRUARY   24th & 25th Sat-Sunday Antipodes Greek Festival Melbourne Incursion

MARCH         24th Sunday Hellenic Museum 'Glendi' Incursion




MAY               11th Saturday Training at Ballarat (Victoria Park)  

JUNE             1st Saturday Training at You Yangs (Park)  

JULY              PLATAEA, Boeotia Greece 2024 Living History Revival, International Incursion


AUGUST       PLATAEA, Boeotia Greece 2024 Living History Revival, International Incursion

SEPTEMBER  21st Saturday AGM at Geelong ( Venue to determined)

OCTOBER     5th Saturday  Training at You Yangs (Park)




NOVEMBER  16th Saturday HOPLITODROMOS (Hoplite Race in Armour) Location to be determined. 

DECEMBER  07th Saturday Final Training You Yangs National Park Photo shoot  !                  




The Ancient Hoplitikon of Melbourne Inc. have been established officially since 2007, this association has existed over the years by the shear determination of it's members. We continue to embrace new members who have a pathos for Ancient Greek History, Males and Females are welcome to join us, and to participate in this unique historical pursuit .



Battle of Thermopylae 480 BCE 

2,500 years Anniversary 2021





MMFAT 2008

Testimonials "I would like to take this opportunity to thankyou, the Hellenic Dancers and the Spartan Parading Guards for making the Olympic Torch Relay Community Celebration at Monash a most memorable one. The Spartans in particular were a big hit, with many people enjoying their presence!" (Karen Hadfield - Community Celebration Coordinator - City of Monash2000) 

                                                                                                                                                            This is Nikiforos , I live in Southern California and am a member of the Legion six here in L.A. I wanted to say that you have a great group and a good website too! Best wishes for the future. ( Fred Haskin Feb 2009 )   

                                                                                                                                                                          Dear Sir, I really like your website, although it should have some more bibliographical references, it is very interesting. You certainly also would add further data on pottery scenes you employ, such as museum and place, because these clearly prove you did a great job in research. I am specialised in ancient Near Eastern Warfare, but i guess you might find some interesting things in a paper of mine I added, as a way to congratulate you for your promising website.(Fabrice De Backer 2011) Master in Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology Belguim.


Hi my name is Amanda and I'm the Drama Club Moderator at Tailwind School. After the holidays, my kids are going to be preparing for the Spring Show and this year we are doing a tribute to the 'Greeks!' The Club is writing their own version of Greek Mythology, which of course, requires lots and lots of research. I really want to thankyou for the work you've done on your website. It's been a really great resource for us and a huge help ! Thanks again for your helpful site and Happy Holidays to you ! Best wishes (Amanda Spencer 2012)


My Heart felt 'Thankyou' for such a great performance last night at our wedding, not only have you made our entrance as Bride and Groom a memorable night but our friends and relatives had tears in their eyes and were moved by the music and your performance as were we. Take care Betty and Louis 30/12/2012


Scholars can also draw on the experience of hoplite re-enactors who have tried to reconstruct various pieces of hoplite equipment. Peter Connolly was a pioneer in this regard, but he now has many followers in groups such as the Hoplite Association in London, the Sydney Ancients, and the Hoplitikon of Melbourne. One member of this last group, Craig Sitch, makes sophisticated pieces that he sells from his company's website.(New Perspectives on Ancient Warfare Edited by Garett G. Fagan & Matthew Trundle.)


After all the archaeological discoveries of the past century and a half, especially in the German excavations at Olympia, we can do better. In 1995 Eero Jarva published a restudy of the armor from Olympia and in 2002 Johann Peter Franz reported weights for various pieces of equipment in the extensive Axel Guttman collection. To account for the corrosion of bronze and the almost complete disappearance of leather and linen, Franz added 33 percent to each weight to approximate the weight of the piece when it was intact. Scholars can also draw on the experience of enthusiasts who have tried to reconstruct various pieces of hoplite equipment. Peter Connolly, a pioneer in this field, now has many followers in groups such as the Hoplite Association in London, the Sydney Ancients, and the Hoplitikon of Melbourne. (Book; "The battle of Marathon" by Professor Peter Krentz Davidson College NC)


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Temple of Boom (Parthenon Replica) 2022

NVG Architecture Commission

Melbourne Victoria

Temple of Boom 2022 NVG

Architecture Commission

Melbourne Victoria

Temple of Boom 2022 NVG Architecture Commission

Melbourne Victoria


           Homeric Hymn 23  to Zeus

                            I will sing of Zeus, Chiefest among the gods and Greatest,

                                   All seeing, the Lord of All, the fulfiller who whispers words of

                                         wisdom to Themis as she sits leaning towards him.

                                  Be gracious, all seeing son of Kronos, most excellent and great !





FARB  is a derogatory term used in the hobby of historical reenacting in reference to participants who are perceived to exhibit indifference to historical authenticity, either from a material - cultural standpoint or in action. 




 Corinthian Aryballos depiction of the Trojan Horse with combatants ca. 6th Century BCE.



Military Art of Conducting and Resisting Siege Warfare

From the Greek 'POLIOKETIKOS'

From 'POLIORKETES "Taker of Cities"

(From 'POLIORKEIN' - To Besiege, From 'POLIS' City + 'HERKOS', Fence, Enclosure)


Alexander The Great at Siege of Tyre 332 BCE campaigns against the Persians.

Arrow bolt firing machines in action are reported from Philip II 's siege of 'PERINTH' (Thrace) in 340 BCE. Philip II 's son, Alexander the Great , was the next commander in recorded history to make such use of catapults on the battlefield as well as to use them during sieges.

Philip II used Torsion Catapults in several sieges and Alexander employed them during his campaigns in Asia. The impact of catapults in the Fourth Century Warfare remains a matter of debate because there is little evidence that they changed the course of most sieges. Whether this pattern was due to the fact that they were seldom used or because of limits in our sources remains unclear.  That they eventually became a valued tool is indicated by the appearance in Hellenistic Military manuals and the regular use of catapult- based Features in Hellenistic City walls.

Link on types of Ancient Greek Catapults & Ballista  http://www.hellenicaworld.com/Greece/Technology/en/CatapultTypes.html 




ALEXANDER THE GREAT at the battle of GRANICUS River , May 334 BCE.


Golden Larnax, within this container, the burnt remains of Philip II King of Macedon.



TIMELINE FESTIVAL , Grand Parade Kryal Castle 2018