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540 B.C. Attic Stele dedicated to the Late Paul Allen of the Hoplite Association UK

Battle of Leuktra 371 B.C.


Spartiatikes Mores Greece Julia Passamonti is an artizan potter from the USA and produces ancient pottery for re-enactors and collectors alike. an independent academic publishing house from Nottingham Trent University The Museum Shop's (HCO) Hellenic Culture Organization S.A. Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Greek Government approved authentic ancientreplicas, Amphora vases, Statues, Relief Sculptures, Coins and fine art. Another up to date site TA MAPMAPA TOY PARQENONA, The Parthenon Marbles, Ancient Greek Cultural Treasures that should be returned to it's place of origin. Under an Attic blue sky they stood for 2,500 years, and the past 150 years they decay ina Northern English climate. Australasian Living History Federation registra of member groups. Australasian Registra of Living History Organizations. ANCIENT HOPLITIKON CHANNEL 2 our second youtube channel for your viewing pleasure...... A dedicated Canadian Hoplite Reenactment group ! They set the benchmark for many reenactors worldwide...

Battle of Leuktra 371 BCE




Battle of Chaeronea 338 BCE





Battle of Gabiene (In Iran) 316/5 BCE

Second War of the Diadochi

Argyraspides - Hypaspists

ArguraspideV - UpaspisthV





Koryvantes, Association of History Studies. Greece



The Plataeans of Canada Keltic warrior re-enactment group based at Horsham Victoria, Australia, ALHF members and a dynamic group who liase with the Ancient Hoplitikon of Melbourne. Spanish based Hoplite re-enactment (a very authentic approach) Greek based Hoplite re-enactment portraying the Spartan Army (Since 2014 the group has been in dicline ). Magazine publication for Re-enactors and history enthusiasts. A social network forum for Re-enactors of every historical period on a global The Greek Age of Bronze, Weapons and Warfare in the Late Helladic Time 1,600 -1,100 B.C. period. Re-enactment blog site, profiles of re-enactors around the world. KORUBANTES - Koryvantes, a Hellenic (Greek) Living History Club. Their focus is Ancient Greek Re-enactment, KOPYBANTES(Association of History Studies) Koryvantes. Athens Greece. (Since 2014 this group has been in decline) International Reenactment Members of the Amphictyonic League who seek to re-create the best of the Late Archaic and Classical Greek World. (Website not active - but has a Facebook page for Member Group and individuals)- (Private group setting) Hoplites en Galatia (France) Didier Froesel leads this band of excellent Hoplites !   RHESIDAE - (Greece) "NEW", headed by Giannis Kadoglou. A serious approach !!!!!!!!! Sydney supplier to ancient living history re-enactment, choice panoplia for Ancient Greek Hoplite and Roman attire (some very interesting items) worth a look ! (SUPPLIER HAS RETIRED) A blog site dedicated to reconstruction of the ancient Persian military An Australian Supplier to Historical Re-enactors Globally, Ancient Greek. Roman, Medieval, Viking and 12th to 17th Century periods COMITATUS From the UK, is a Leading Historical re-enacment group which spans the Late Roman Period, Hellenistic and Gladiatorial, Greek & Roman cavalry. The list goes on into the Medieval periods, worth a good look !

Battle of Leuktra 371 B.C. Thebes defeats Spartan Supremacy

Macedonian Phalanx in India

Macedonian Phalanx in the time of Philip II and Alexander the Great


O' Pallas Athena, Protectress of the the City !  I begin to sing;

The dreadful one, who with Ares looks after War-like Affairs:

The sacking of cities of battle and the strife. She protects the

populace, wherever they might venture to or from.

Hail goddess and may you give us good fortune and Happiness.

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Macedonian Phalanx of the Diodohi (The Generals) after the death of Alexander the Great

Nick Moutzouris as a Macedonian Phalangite 2007


Battle of Pynda, Rome defeats Macedonia/Greece 168 B.C.

Ritual Hymn to Zeus before battle

War Cry "Eros-Anikate" Eros the Conqueror... We advance as a Phalanx!

Sydney Ancients & Hoplitikon of Melbourne brace for incoming arrows on mass

15th Australasian Historical Conference 2009 Sydney Ancients & Hoplitikon of Melbourne under fire of Persian arrows

15th Australasian Historical Conference 2009 The highlite of the Conference was the "Battle of Marathon, Archaeological Experiment". The groups that took part were, the Sydney Ancients, Mare Nostrvm of Brisbane and the Ancient Hoplitikon of Melbourne. Our objective was to simulate the conditions of Hoplites in Phalanx formation, under stress of arrow fire. Discipline and teamwork was effective and injuries were minimal. We hope to repeat this experiment in future with more members and archers too!

Networking with our companions before battle

Combined Arms (Phalanx & Peltasts) executing rules of engagement 

True Grit!

Closing in on the Archers, ever-so confident! 

MACH TOU MARAQONA 490pc. THE BATTLE OF MARATHON 490 B.C. John Stuart Mill famously suggested that the "Battle of Marathon, even as an event in British History, is more important than the Battle of Hastings". The Athenians and the Plataeans had dashed a mile in their armour to meet the Persians. The chorus of Aristophanes' Wasps, 'Marathon Men', sang of how they had run through the arrows to reach the Persians and shoved them back until evening. It was the first time a Greek Army had successfully faced the Persian enemy and demonstrated the superiority of Hoplite tactics and equipment. The Greek advantage in discipline, morale and technology on this occasion proved decisive. A website dedicated to establishing the 'Actual' date of the Battle of Marathon 2,500 year Anniversary 2011 !


Sydney Ancients & Melbourne Hoplitikon 'Members'  at the battle of Marathon 'Tropaion'  2,500 years Anniversary of the battle of Marathon , Greece September 2011

Ready for  "OTHISMOS"  the mass-shove again ! 


Phalanx drill on the Parade ground with Peltasts

Phalanx in battle order, shields locked and spears poised....

'War Council' at the 15th Australasian Historical Conference 2009

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'Boeotian Spartoi' Klan 6th Century B.C. Delphic 1st Sacred War, battle of Kirrha 585 B.C.

Hoplite Departure Scene

Hoplitodromos (Armoured Race)